Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Started

 Adude321 here!
I'm excited to finally have an official blog to get more feedback from my fans. My plan for the way I want this blog to work is to take time with each game that I'll be featuring. One week I could be playing Minecraft, the next week I might be on Lords of the Realm II. There's no real limits from which console or genre I'll be playing. Most likely, my posts will consist of PS3, Xbox 360, and PC gaming.

More of what I want to do with this blog will include reviews and discussions about electronics/games and what plans companies have in the future. Are they good ideas? Will they cause less sales? YOU DECIDE

Viewers,  expect to hear from me soon!

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  1. Minecraft! Show us your awesome creations on minecraft! :D I've made a giant sheep...