Sunday, July 17, 2011


Do you viewers ever get too busy for games?
I feel like it is inevitable at some points but I still always find time even if it means cutting into my sleep!

The game I've been making time for at the moment is  Lords of the Realm II
It's an old RTS game for PC that was released in 1996 by Sierra Games. It's in a medieval setting where the player attempts to maintain a village with happy people, while at the same time trying to build an army and conquer the neighboring areas. LOTRII wiki can be found here. I'll start adding screenshots for you viewers to get a better idea of what this game is all about. Also, I can record some videos with Fraps.

One problem I encountered while starting the game up is that Windows 7 did not support the setup of the game. It took a little bit of internet research but I found a solution. Sierra games released numerous downloads on their home site that were plugins to play all the old games they released. I didn't need one for the first Diablo game though. Anyways, the plugin download for Lords can be found by clicking here.
(You WILL need the original game disc.)
This wraps up my second blog post. And don't worry, my posts are going to get WAY more about gaming, reviews, personal strategies, etc. I needed to do a little more intro information before cracking down.
Stay tuned for more!

                                                                              - Adude321



  1. Unrelated, but I have a fraps question...where can I get that software?

  2. Excited to see more from you!

  3. Gosh, they don't make games like that anymore.
    It's all graphics and no gameplay nowadays. :S

    Anyway, following and supporting! :)

  4. Sierra... good times. They had some wonderful RTS's :).
    Followed btw.

  5. Sierra make some amazing games :)

  6. Download link for Fraps:

  7. Lords of The Realms 2. Did you heard a hidden track with all units voiced mixed into one mp3? "My lord, yes?, my lord, what now?" - it was the beggining;)

  8. Oh yes, a lot of Nostalgia.

  9. wow i never played it but it looks better than most of the shit that is out now

  10. wow. wish i wasn't like 2 when this came out

  11. Nostalgia you said? I've recently installed Baldur's Gate on my PC. That's a huge nostalgia load for me, now I'm totally into it. Again :)